Rogers Pork Artist and Vendor Listings

Take a look at the line up of fabulous artists and vendors for Rogers Pork 2018!

Booths will be open for business from 12 p.m. to dusk.

Pets are welcome guests at Rogers Pork … but please make sure they don’t cause a ruckus with attendees and vendors!


Anglerfish Lighting

We make one-of-a-kind lamps from industrial hardware and reclaimed oddities.


Annie’s Handmade Decor

Anne Crowe creates one of a kind primitive folk art rag dolls. These dolls are made from canvas and natural cotton materials. They are lovingly processed to give them variations of skin tone and a primitive look. Their clothes are carefully sewn from vintage-like fabrics and embellished to bring out the individual personality in each doll. Dolls are for decoration only.

Also available are wool penny rugs. Lovely stitched mats with many uses.

Annie’s Handmade Decor is a pet and smoke fee environment.


John Baker Arts


John Baker is a prolific painter, creating a new piece every single day. John works on paper, canvas and repurposed wood, in a variety of paint media, to make pieces that celebrate the spirit of the natural world and the vibrant city surrounding us. He offers original pieces, prints and hand-crafted greeting cards of his work. Visit


John Bambino Art

John Bambino is a local Rogers Park artist that is known for his angry rabbit character and carrot on the string. He also does other mediums.


Bark Place

Bark Place has been serving, and engaged in, our community for more than a decade. We provide a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment for pets and humans. All guests are treated as though they were our own pets and the individuality of each one is recognized and respected.

At Bark Place, our exceptional services include Daycare, Boarding, Grooming, Dog Walking and Cat Care services. We offer premium Cat and Dog Food, Treats, plus high quality Pet Accessories. All our food and treats have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We look forward to providing you outstanding service.


Centered Studios

Yoga, Acupuncture, Massage, Chinese Herbs, Eastern Nutrition

Tucked away in a cozy vintage building on a quaint one way street in Chicago’s beautiful north side neighborhood of Rogers Park – a dream exists. Surrounded by colorful murals, faint sounds of the train and loyal support from the community – healing is happening – one person at a time. Devoted, nurturing and compassionate, our diverse team of nearly 60 knowledgeable yoga teachers, massage therapists, herbalists, acupuncturists, psychotherapists and front desk staff are here to welcome you. We look forward to connecting with you in the space everyone is calling ‘home’.


Artworks by Steve Connell

My series is called Chicago Night and I create paintings of Chicago diners, bars, clubs, theaters, el trains, etc. all at night. I sell prints of the paintings as multiple sized archival paper prints, mounted woodblocks and canvases. A traditional painter for years, I create this series digitally on an iPad using my finger as a brush from sketch to final print.


Creepy Animals Book


Cremation Society of Illinois

We provide affordable, efficient, dignified cremation services.

The gentle and compassionate way we assist and care for families is one of the greatest reasons Cremation Society of Illinois is the largest provider of cremation services in Illinois.


Dame Doodler

Doodler is a Rogers Park based Ohio transplant specializing in illustration and comic art.  She designs post cards, stickers, and other affordable merch to keep art accessible to all.  Current wares include Doodle Dogs and pup portraits.



Mythical Jewelry Designs, By Meryl Morris

Meryl creates one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, earrings and eye-glass holders.
Many of her designs have an asymmetrical “symmetry” that plays out in the colors and shapes of the gemstones, crystals and wood beads she selects. Many of the color combinations are reminiscent of Earth and water. Meryl believes that our spirits are drawn to colors and shapes that speak to our sense of self. She hopes that you will find something among her designs that makes your spirit lighter, brighter and more playful.


Josiah Eidmann Studios

Artist designed and hand crafted wood accessories and furniture inlayed with crushed stone and precious metals. Pieces are made from local and recycled woods whenever possible and %100 self crafted.


Gulliver’s Candles


Gulliver’s Candles are made right here in Rogers Park! Meticulously designed for quality of fragrance, ambient light, and maximum burn time, they’ve become a local hit since last year. They’re made of repurposed containers whenever possible and use soy wax sourced from the Midwest for maximum environmental friendliness. They’re 100% natural, free of synthetic chemicals so you can breathe easy—customers tell us constantly that the difference is obvious. Follow us @gulliverscandles on Instagram and Facebook for monthly giveaways!


Dickie Harper – ART


Dickie Harper is a painting, collage making, silkscreening, pug loving dude. He studied art history at S.U.N.Y Purchase, dabbling in photography and printmaking. Dickie currently resides in Chicago with his husband and their two cats, Hitchcock and Wolfgang.

Dickie’s passion for art began during his childhood years spent at his grandfather’s wood shop. He was encouraged to create sculptures from the leftover wood that could be found around the shop scattered about on the floor. Dickie learned that he also liked sketching animals and people and that continued into adulthood.

Dickie creates art to make people smile. His style is cartoon like with a focus on animals. Dickie is a lover of puppies, sharks, cats and bears! His current works have been portraits of his friends meant to capture their fun moments together.

InSpirit Adornments


Inspirit Adornments. To be In Spirit is to be Inspired. I am inspired to create healing jewelry for people to adorn themselves in. The supplies are use our mostly of the earth; crystals, stones, copper and aluminum wire, also polymer clay, & reclaimed jewelry parts. My jewelry features positive messages through words, the healing of essential oil’s through lava bead diffuser jewelry, and the vibrational healing of the stones. I love to share the ways my jewelry can uplift the wearer.  Visit on Facebook.


Jarvis Square Pottery

Jarvis Square Pottery specializes in hand-thrown, one-of-a-kind, utilitarian stoneware.

Visit us on Facebook …


Lala Paintings & Art

by Alicja Lapinski

All my paintings are one of a kind.  I use acrylic paints to create Modern Art, Abstract Art and Fluid Art Pour, sometimes mixed with resin.  I love to paint using a palette knife and gesso to get texture in my art.  My colors are bright, bold and happy to bring optimistic and uplifting energy to my clients and their surroundings.  My next project is Design of cell phone covers, all based on my paintings.


Martha’s Designs



Masque Appeal – Greg Slawko

Wall art and accessories in genres of Goth, Steampunk, Macabre and Fantasy Art. Items include decorative masks 3-D portraits , Shadowboxes, Hand puppets, wall plaques and many other unique items.


49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore


Nadja Studios

Nadja Studios is a Fine Art Studio based in Roger’s Park Chicago

Haunting and surreal oil paintings by Chicago-based artist Nicholas Nadja.

Nadja paints a world slightly off. A still life consisting of veiny-foot vase with sunflowers. A nude, headless female torso hanging from fish hooks and growing roots. (Titled Looking Through The Window Of An Abolished Trinity.) A cubist portrait where the subjects seems to be grimacing in pain, perhaps from the cubist distortions.  An man, who’s face seems to be in motion when the image was taken, but instead of looking goofy he looks just a little deranged like a Francis Baconesqe oil painting. But rather than painting a completely different, hellish world as Bacon did, Nadja paints the slightly darker, slightly creepier aspects of this world. With the slightest tweak, this world is available to us all, and any moment.


Natural Refinery – Jodi Kilani

We make natural products from plants and herbs we grow locally, Our beehiver for beeswax, and sheep’s wool from a local farm, to create products that feed and nourish the whole person.

We make our calendula marigold salve for eczema and psoriasis, facial teas from our herbs, dryer balls from the sheep, soap, felted soaps, hair treatments, a leather product, tattoo care, and much more.


Nodd Pottery – Sarah Ortlieb


Nodd Pottery is a non-profit ceramics studio in Rogers Park providing affordable and accessible art education and experiences for our community and its youth. Visit us at


Nomi Jems

NOMI JEMS is owned and operated by Naomi J-E. She is based out of Chicago, Illinois. The creative spirit developed at a young age started with crafting friendship bracelets and bead work. Over the years she has worked in several mediums; metal and leather being her favorite. She applies her skills to the jewelry collections and leather goods she has produced over the years.


Eric E. Paige – Artist


Paintings inspired by the Arts and Crafts and Prairie-style movements. Nature and architectural photography. Monoprints, assemblages.


Pamela Plotkin – Teva Realty – TIE DYE BOOTH!

Come on by and grab a free tshirt to add your own tie dye designs! We have all the things you need and all the colors of the rainbow to create your very own colorful masterpiece!!! Never tie-dyed before? That’s ok! We will guide you through the process! Open to all ages!


R Public House – BARBECUE!

R Public House is a community-driven pub that welcomes everyone. We will serve as an anchor business in the neighborhood, providing an atmosphere for entertainment and light dining, philanthropy, and goodwill for the diverse population of Rogers Park. http://rpublichouse.comdivider_rev

Rafael Rivera Fine Art Photography


Fine Art Photography of European, Central and South American Travels.


Rogers Bark Pet Salon

rogersbark-logoOpened December 2005, Rogers Bark is a full-service grooming salon for dogs in Rogers Park. Rogers Bark has Award Winning groomers on staff and offers bathing for ALL breeds of dogs, as well as AKC-specific haircuts, including Hand-stripping – or we can get more creative with the styling.

Rogers Bark also has a unique selection of collars, leashes, toys, chews and treats and is a retailer of Solid Gold, Fromm, Nature’s Variety, Stella and Chewy’s, Wellness, Blue Buffalo and Nutri-Source foods and treats for dogs and cats.

rp2017-vendor-banner-rpfcRogers Park Food Coop

Rogers Park Food Coop  The Rogers Park Food Coop (RPFC) is a community-owned international fresh grocery cooperative startup serving Rogers Park and neighboring communities. The RPFC supports the local economy by sourcing products from area producers which include family farms, local artisans, and fair trade sources. The Food Coop supports businesses that practice environmental stewardship, organic farming, and sustainable agriculture. The Coop partners with ethical producers to provide fair compensation and healthy working conditions to their workers while increasing healthy food access to the community.


Rogers Park Provisions


not_for_pr_rpwr_histRogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society

The Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society collects, preserves and shares the story of the diverse community of Chicago’s far north side. Established on July 28, 1975 by local residents who believed their part of Chicago was a place with much to celebrate, the Society today serves the community through its publications, architectural tours, and various educational and outreach efforts.


 Sass Flash & Graphics – Emily Boyd

Sarcastic, cheeky, and topical old school style tattoo flash.

“Sass Flash” is the self coined term for the kind of work our main artist and founder (me) does for fun.

I’m Emily, and I unapologetically make sarcastic, punny, topical, and innuendo filled individual flash pieces inspired by the classic “Sailor Jerry” style of tattooing. I create for myself first and foremost and choose to share and sell with those of like mind and sense of humor.

If I don’t like it, I don’t make it! All of our designs are 100% original!

Flash pieces are ink and watercolor while graphic work is a digital media with hardcopy prints available. All works signed!! 😀 Framed pieces available!


Second City Candle Company

Each Second City Candle is hand crafted and hand poured in Chicago, IL. They are made in small batches to ensure we provide the highest quality candle in each and every product. The fragrance oils we use are of the highest quality and carefully selected, producing a strong scent that is not overpowering or artificial smelling. We also feature all natural cotton wicks that are NOT primed in Paraffin Wax, meaning all our candles are all natural Soy Wax based.


SLEY Photography and Glasssley_banner

LeJean likes to be creative in all things. So when she is out and about, she keeps he eyes open for interesting compositions that she can’t help but photograph Some of which find their way into print or card form. She is also fascinated by all things glass. Fused glass, enamel, torched worked, casting, it ALL floats her boat and she dabbles here and there.


Steph Stuff’s Expressions

Paper figures with clothing and jewelry.



*SUSAN*HAT*s are one-of-a-kind pieces made from recycled materials, such as felted sweaters, clothing of other fabrics, and reformed rescued vintage hats.

Often sculptural, at times whimsical, always fashionable, you’ll look great in a *SUSAN*HAT* !


Theatre Above the Law


Visit our booth to subscribe to all 4 shows of our 2018/19 season for only $60 (at Rogers Pork only), buy single tickets and enter a raffle for a $100 Apple gift card and Escape Room for 4. And just to say hi and meet our ensemble.

Visit us at and


Three Legged Tacos

Three Legged Tacos is a food truck,  catering and popup company with a commitment to supporting other local Chicago businesses and charitable causes.

We prepare food inspired by the cuisine of the Yucatán Peninsula. For the most part we put our dishes in taco form – the most democratic way to plate.

Three Legged Tacos has a firm commitment to supporting local purveyors, charities and non-profits, including organizations like the Greater Chicago Food Depository and Heartland Animal Shelter through the standing commitment of 3% of our profits. This will never change – no matter what. Got more ideas for causes to support – reach out.


Twenty Thou – Nicold Pittman

Nicold Pittman is a jewelry & accessory designer based in Chicago who loves working with her hands. She strives to create unique, simple jewelry using copper, brass, sterling silver, gold fill, and rose gold fill.  She is always on the lookout for interesting natural stones and beads to make her work stand out. She’s been creating jewelry for over 10 years and is the designer behind Twenty Thou.  Twenty Thou is her own personal student loan bailout, her goal is to sell twenty thousand pieces to pay off her student loans.


Marina Veiler Art


I’m a one of a kind jewelry artist. I use a wide variety of natural gemstones, from raw to high end artisan cabochons. I mostly work with sterling and fine silver, but I also love copper for it’s warm look and versatility.  I use many different techniques in my work, including intricate wire weaving, fold forming, texturing and fabrication. All items are made by me at my tiny home studio, and not a single design is repeated. For images of my work, please visit my Facebook page:


Venus In The Morning

Venus in the Morning creates collages on Florence Frames, wooden canvases, and wooden boxes with postage stamps and  ephemera. Each handcrafted piece is a one of a kind creation designed to hold your precious memories and treasures.



Walladoodle Beastie Bling – Katherine Green


Through creating Fine, Customizable Pet Collars and Accessories … Walladoodle is all about looking dangerous AND pretty. Whether your Precious Pet is Best in Show, or the Little Treasure just tried to eat the next door neighbor, they deserve BLING.

Walladoodle will be creating Custom Collars right at the Rogers Pork Fest, so bring the Little Dickens and GET YOUR BLING ON!

All of our products are hand-riveted and and can be customized.


Wendy’s Art Glass

I create hand-crafted dichroic glass jewelry, fused glass home décor and beaded jewelry. I’m Wendy Morowitz, a glass artist and jewelry designer with my studio in IL. I create each piece by hand and glass is made by firing up to 1500 degrees. Some glass I use is Dichroic sheets of glass including streaky and iridized. I also use glass frits, powders, stringers, inclusions, decals, and fusible images to create unique designs. Fusing glass, after being fired in a kiln, is durable, eye catching, and affordable glass art. The beauty of fused glass lies in its brilliance, its sparkling appearance, and its beguiling richness of color. Visit my Facebook page at


Wildchild Hats

I am a 100 percent hand created seller. I make knit scarves and hats for adults and children. I also am an enamelist, I hand smith copper and cover the metal in enamel glass heated to 1700 degrees. The pieces are combined with upcycled findings to make one of a kind pieces. I also sell subversive cross stitch pieces.



peter-wood-revPete Wood Studios

“Road Kill” is a series of flattened cans and bottle caps and other items found on the streets and alleys of Chicago cleaned up and turned into colorful designs.


Aaron Wooten


Aaron Wooten Art is a collection of Chicago cityscapes, portraits and cartoons. Ranging from $20 “Littles” to larger cityscapes that range around $100, the artwork is both interesting and affordable. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Please visit more at