Rogers Pork Vendor Exhibitor Information

2018 Rogers Pork Vendor Updates

Booth assignment and check-in info has been emailed to all vendors! If you have not received your email, let us know at, or check the Vendor Map. Check-in info is also listed below.

As always, make sure to add our email address,, to your contact file so your communications don’t get lost or junked!

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Here is the general check-in info:

Remember … You are responsible for your own festival tent and furnishings.  There will not electricity available.

Load-in begins at 10 a.m.
You may decide to arrive earlier, but be aware that we can’t allow load-in to begin until all the cars have been removed from the street. Residents have been notified to remove their vehicles by 7 a.m., but it may take awhile to get the tow trucks to remove those vehicles that need to be towed.

Load-out begins at dusk.
You are welcome to stay until the end, but we realize that when it begins to get dark it can be difficult to conduct business-as-usual. Please be aware that no vehicles will be allowed to pull into the event grounds until AFTER 9 p.m., so if you think you may close up earlier, please bring a hand truck or wheeled luggage cart.

Vendor Check-in
Please check in when you arrive! There will be a festival volunteer available at R Public House to check you in and give you your vendor packet, which will include a number to hang from your booth and a map of the grounds.

EAST Load-in/load-out (Greenview side, east side of the el tracks)
During the earlier part of load-in, there may be opportunity to enter the grounds from Jarvis/Greenview and/or the parking lot, accessible from Greenview. However, later in the morning and at festival close, these entrances may be blocked and you may need to use the alley, which may be accessed from Greenview just north of Sherwin.

WEST Load-in/load-out (Ashland side, west side of the el tracks)
Load in and out from Ashland.

Street parking is available in the neighborhood and there are two parking lots close to the festival, one at Rogers at Ashland (at the Howard El Station) and another on Sheridan at Sherwin.

If you have questions, please contact us at